Recipe Boxes

I am looking for a new way to organize my recipes. Since starting this blog, I have accumulated tons of new recipes that I am planning on experimenting with. Currently, they are stored in an old binder. I do have them in sheet protectors but its a pain in the butt to flip through to find what I am looking for. Sure I can get dividers, but I am seriously loving the idea of a recipe box. Here are a few that really caught my eye.

I am a hooker for anything letterpress! I think the cards are darling, and the fact that everything is hand-drawn by the artist make for a unique piece.

I love the fact that this is not your traditional recipe box, unfortunately it is not for sale. However, I am still super attracted to these adorable recipe cards, which were illustrated by Suzi Ultman. Again, letterpress!

These owl cards are sent as pdf files which makes it very convenient to printing them as needed (not to mention never worrying about running out of cards!) I have somewhat of an owl fetish, and I do tend to be attractive to things that are cute, rather than refined.

Ok, so I am about to contradict myself here. I know I just stated that I am not a refined kinda gal, and this acrylic recipe box is most certainly refined, but the plethora of color options really spices things up here! What isn't so attractive, is the price. I just couldn't bring myself to spend $80 on recipe storage.

This is a do-it-yourself project that combines a Martha Stewart box and hand-crafted recipe dividers made from scrapbook paper. I think the end result is a vintage-looking box that feels like a family heirloom.

Now, I could scrap the whole recipe box idea and go for something techy. This digital recipe box is sleek, compact, and kitchen-safe. It's like the Cookbook version of a Kindle. I also like the fact that I can choose to keep my recipes private of share them with whomever I choose.

So what do you all think? How do you store your favorite recipes? I would love to hear from you! Until next time, cheers, and happy eating!


Anonymous said...

i do the same, binder with sheet protectors, it's not the most efficient, but i'm going to stick with it for now

Averill said...

I got Jane the Dabney Lee set for a wedding shower last spring -- so darling! And everyone at the shower filled out a recipe card of a favorite recipe. Very cute idea should you find yourself throwing a shower again.

And I too am a hooker for letterpress. What is it about that gorgeous indentation that sets my heart aflutter?!?!

Anonymous said...

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